A Good Monday


I had a good, productive Monday in the studio today.  Too bad the rest of the week is chopped up with meetings and other engagements.  It was really nice just to stay here today and work uninterrupted.

I footed and decorated the plates I made last week and also slipped the ones for the salt kiln.  Also made some mugs, pie plates and a few other odds and ends.

I textured a couple of these plates before decorating them.  It looks good to have something other than the smooth background.  I'm not sure how this will play out after I stain and glaze them.  Also played around with a big floppy brush that Brad brought me back from China.  I am loving that thing.  I'll have to remember to photograph it this week.


What else???   I messed around over the holidays with some underglazes.  I painted a couple cups and boy were they colorful.  I may make a few more just for fun.  I'll put them up if I do.

Time to make a couple pizzas for supper.