Tuesday Morning.

ayumi_horie_mugI'm having some really nice green tea out of my favorite Ayumi Horie cup this morning.  Hum, its almost empty, be right back.....

Okay, had to get the kettle on.

So, it's today.  Aghhh.  I have two meetings this morning at the Arts Council and I really just want to stay home and make pots.  Of course I could be out there right now getting an early start, but it's cold and I need my morning time.  Oh, the kettle is ready....  This second infusion will be nice.

As I was saying...my morning time.  Writing and drawing in my journal, having tea, getting warm.  I need to do that for at least an hour right?  And then check in on the blogs real quick, and well then it's 9 am and I'm beating myself up.  I still have my second cup of tea to go.

If I could get up earlier.  I'm rambling.  I know. I'm gonna drink this tea now and try to be in the moment and not give myself a hard time.