Salt Pots

ACC_boothFor those of you who have just joined in over the past year, you may not know that I made salt glazed stoneware for a number of years.

I found this picture of my booth from the American Craft Council show on my camera card just now. It's from a few years ago.

I love the warmness of these pots and the variation of the surfaces.  I'm going to be firing my salt kiln in a few weeks.  That will be fun.  I have missed stacking a bigger kiln.

That said,  I have found a part of myself in this work I am making now that I had been repressing for many years.  I feel like switching gears, making new work, gave me the freedom just to let go and be myself.  I think these earthenware pots are certainly going to keep developing.  As are the drawings.  And the surfaces.  I am feeling really happy with what I'm doing. More so than I have in many years.