Ants in my Pants

Here's a funny, slightly disturbing thing that just happened this morning.

I usually undress downstairs and fold up my clothes by the foot of my desk if I plan to wear them again  thenext  morning. (like jeans and overshirts, not that I'd wear my underpants two days in a row).

So last night I took my jeans and folded them and placed them on a pair of 'pottery' jeans there on the floor. Then I was off to bed.

This morning I got up and put on the jeans that were on top of the stack. After walking around for a few minutes my legs started to itch and sting. Weird. So I pull them off and see little ants up and down my legs. Aggggggh. Right?!

I go back and look beside the desk and see a thick line of ants coming in from under the exterior wall and disappearing into the 'pottery' pants (those being the pants covered in clay that I worked in yesterday).

I go get the insect spray and douse the little rascals as well as both pair of pants. I check the pottery pants and found I had left an empty wrapper from a pack of peanut butter crackers in the pocket. (I ate these yesterday). Over night an army of little ants had come in under the wall to carry off the crumbs!!!!

Well they are all dead now! And I've got ant bites on my legs. Ouch.

So there's a lesson learned. Don't leave food in your pockets.

I hesitated a little before deciding to share this b/c I don't want you all to think we live in a nasty bug infested house. We don't, but we do live in a house that's built on a slab in the middle of field so we do get the occasional mouse or snake as well as spiders and bugs coming in from time to time.

That's all.