Moving Forward (I hope)...

Tools. Deco. DayToday was spent decorating all the pots I had under plastic from the last few days.  I did make a few pots too, but most of my time was spent coming up with ideas for plates and cups and such.  Above you see my table all laid out with my tools, a comforting cup of tea, sketch books, and pots in progress.  I think it was good that I unloaded a fresh group of pots this morning before beginning this deco. cycle.  I was able to see on the new pots areas that I thought needed work.  I found as I went along today that I was letting go of each pot as a precious object.  I have to be willing to take risks and try new things if I want this work to grow.  Some of these may even get a wash of underglaze color when they are bone dry.  All will get black stain inlay.

Slab Dish. Swimming.

The fish tray above has the fish drawn in with the wire tool.  Then I used a razor to make incisions that are very fine and narrow.  Two very different lines.

Below....falling irons...

Look Out!!I also used a fine cogged roller to draw some lines.  A new technique for me.

Small Dish. Swimming.I have lots more to show but most everything has clay burrs all over them.  Oh, and that orange color you see is ink.  I used it today to help me along with planning my deco.  What!? Me planning?  I'm really trying you see.