Morning Glazing

brushes_glazeI made it into the studio earlier than usual this morning so that I could get a load of pots glazed and back into the kiln.  It's not a full load, mostly wide bowls and trays.  Above you see my little containers of dot glaze.  I have a few more but the amber and green are the main ones I use.

I did have a bit of a mix up yesterday.  Or a potential one.  I had made fresh batches of slip and glaze a few days ago, but failed to label the buckets.  Duh! Bad move.  They are both similar in color and consistency.  I was 99% sure I knew which was which, but since I'm a bit obsessive I decided to check them out by running a quick test kiln last night.  I WAS right, but I'm glad I didn't risk it.

Below are a couple of pots I demoed for my class last week.  Good ole slip trailing.  I've got these two in the kiln too.trailed dishtrailed fishAll for now.  Have a groovy Friday.