img_0539Yesterday was our last wet day.  I have about 25 pots to decorate today.  I've made some small adjustments to some of my pots that I think are good improvements.  Mainly in the foot departement.

I am struggling with my decoration.  I really have no idea what I want to put on these pots.  Most of the ones I've finished have been a hodge podge of experiments, some all on one pot.  I'm trying to break away from the cartoon-y-ness of what I was doing, but that's going to take some study.   I have worked on some pattern and some domestic object drawings, oh and some clotheslines of course.

It's uncomfortable, but if I'm not struggling I'm not growing right?   Today should be good, I'll finish up my pots, we'll have a demo and more internet talks.  Way too much to digest in the short time I'm here.

More later, if there's time.