Wow this glazing is some experience.  We are using a commercial clear glaze.  Some potters call it the 'evil pink' glaze.  It does turn clear.  Ayumi uses it all the time and it works for her.  I'm not one to argue with that.  (Though at one time I would have turned my nose up to using a commercial product like this).

We have a high bisque, cone 02.  So the glaze doesn't go on very well.  After dipping the pots are left to dry upside down on dowel rods.  Any bare spots are touched up later.  We are using a variety of glazes for 'dots'.  Some are even mixed very thick into a paste and glued into place with more pink glaze.  These pasty ones are the 'runners'.

We had some Talking Heads cranking while glazing this afternoon and everyone was in good spirits.  Keep your fingers crossed that we have good glaze firings.

Click for larger images. Some of these pots are mine, some are Ayumi's, and some are other students.

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