Monday. Get Back @ It.

bowls and platesMonday's are usually my most productive day of the week as far as making goes.  Today was my first serious day back in the shop since getting back from Penland.  In a couple of hours I had a test kiln going, gotten the pugmill all cleaned out and made a few boards of plates and bowls.

It feels good to get back in the groove.  Especially after I went first thing this morning for acupuncture and cupping.  Good stuff.

I am making a list of sources of  inspiration that I may use in my drawings.  We did an exercise in Ayumi's class where we listed 50 things that we liked visually.  It had to be specific, for instance, a spider's web in the grass covered in dew.  Then we looked for patterns in each of our lists.  Most of mine reflected some sort of rural life, a sensitivity to nature, memories, and specific places (again rural).

I've been drawing and journalling a lot since getting back home and yesterday the lightbulb went off and I thought that one option is for me to use actual people, events and objects to inform my decoration.  I have tons to work with.  Ha.  Pulling it off is a  different story but I think I can do it if I really dig in, have fun and not take things to seriously. (which I certainly don't want to do).

Anyhow, I'll share more on this later.  I'm off to make more plates and bowls for an order.