Another hot Carolina day.  I had a hard time keeping my pots from getting too dry before getting all the feet cut.  It seemed like one moment they were slightly leather hard and the next on the way to being too dry to cut.  I got them all finished and then managed to drop a couple of bowls on the floor.  Oh well.

Loupie took the day in stride, just laying around on the lawn mower.  I think he went for a roll before his nap, he's awfully grassy and dusty.


Karma and I are sharing our space with this mother wren and her chicks.  She's in and out all day with food.  That one fellow is giving her a shout for more.  I was thinking it was almost time for the little ones to leave the nest, but  I believe it will be a bit longer.

wren and nest

Does this cloud look like a rabbit to you?

rabbit_cloudFired a small test kiln of various glazes today.  Should have some results tomorrow.