The thing that paralyzes me most in the studio is Indecision.  The Indecision comes from Fear.  It usually plays out in my head along these lines.

I have to use this blue glaze on these bird pots.  Sometimes it crawls, I hope it doesn't this time.

It's gonna crawl.

I wonder if I could just use a cobalt carbonate wash?

It may be too strong.  You'll ruin them all.

I don't know what to do.

Don't do anything.

I'll just wait.

You're a loser.

I'll wait till tomorrow.

You need to get this order glazed and fired.

What if they all come out with crawled glaze?  What if I use a different glaze?  Maybe I should call X and see if they have a good recipe.  What if I wait and do a test with the cobalt carbonate.

Ha!! Okay, it's really silly when I put it out here like that but you know when I'm in my studio and this crap starts up then I just get lost in it.  I have gotten better with dealing with this sort of thing, but its amazing how often it creeps up on me.  I think just identifying and naming the Indecision parts or the Fear or Whatever it is can help.  Also that " What If..." question.  That is a big Killer.  It can do just about anything in.  I mean really there's just no way to do battle with What If, other than telling it to get lost.

So all that aside I kicked butt in the studio yesterday!  I made a list (always a good thing).

I got plenty checked off of it before unloading a bisque kiln and then turning around and glazing that load and reloading.

It was  a full day but I felt amazing when I was finished.  I just love having a good day.  I made some new bowls (I decided not to make the 6 Tall Footed Bowls on the list and made 6 bowls with fat rims instead).

Glazing went fairly quick but it was still 7pm when I finished so I took myself out for a cheeseburger!

Here's a shot of the ladle.

I really like using it.  It came from Bailey. Here's the link. I got the Large one and it holds 8 fl. oz.

Well that's all for now.  Thanks for reading.  I'll  have some new pots out tomorrow, hopefully without any crawling glazes!