A Few New Pots

This load was mainly serving bowls, small plates and bowls and some cups.  The blue Bird plates were an order for 5.  I made 6 and one had the crawly blue problem.  So that's good.

I had some smaller yunomis in this kiln.  We have a few smaller ones that other potters have made and I enjoy using them so I thought I'd try a few.  I haven't done any fish in a while.

Here's the blue glaze that crawls.  It's a thickness issue.

I loaded up around 30 Animal pots today for a bisque.  Banks and Jars.  Tomorrow I'm packing pots to ship so I'll get to use all my supplies that I ordered last week, boxes peanuts and such.  By the way the free Hall and Oates CD from Uline was horrible, those two need to hang up the towel.  It was a live recording from 2008.  Next time I'm offered a free gift I'll get the calendar.