End of Week

Friday. Wow, it seemed a lot like Monday seeing how I had my big two days off in the middle of the week!

So I've been making some platters/shallow dishes this week. I have 4 of the 9 pounders, which are abuot 14.5 inches in diameter and 3 of those big boys made.  The big ones are just over 18 inches and have a nice tallish foot on them.  I can't wait to get them all deco'ed up.  You can see I drill the foot rings so they can be hung on the wall.  That's always a good selling point.  I'll try and show how these are wired after I get them fired.

I am really liking the pots I'm making these days!  I unloaded a bisque this morning and even that's exciting.  I love seeing the clay after it's turned bright red and the slip is nice and white.  Loving bisqueware is a big deal, who's ever loved bisqueware?  Well, me now.

Here's some breakfast from last week.  Happy Friday!!

P.S. Thanks to everyone for all the birthday wishes here and on Facebook.  Thanks too for checking out the interview on Connie Norman's blog.  Be sure to visit Connie's site often b/c she always has great posts.  You can see her amazing pots here on her website.