My glazing session was interrupted by a broken water pipe today.  Thank goodness I know how to take care of things like this.  I can't imagine what it would cost to call a plumber in but I'm guessing this mess would have ran me upward to $200.  Anyhow I got things all fixed up and now the glazing is finished and the kiln is on.

I'm looking forward to turning the clock forward tonight!! Yay, one more hour of daylight!!!

Next Saturday is my Spring Pottery Sale w. guest Jen Mecca.  We are like the dynamic duo of pottery so get on over here and check it out if you are nearby! We'd love to have a big day and send lots of our great pots out to new homes.

Well, Sarah and I have two Ikea wardrobes to put together this evening.  Our upstairs renovation is coming to a close and it looks amazing!!!  I'll try and post some pics soon.  Thanks for checking in.

Happy Days.