Monday. A Few Quick Thoughts

Below are a few pots made by this year's presenters.  Soda fired porcelain by Lorna Meaden. Reduction fired porcelain by Sarah Jaeger.  And stoneware by Bruce Cochrane.  Click for larger image.

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I always come away from the Conference with lots of questions and ideas about my work and how I'm working.  These presenters all worked in different ways than I do and made pots that were quite different than my own.  I enjoyed hearing about their creative processes and also learning that we as potters share many similarities even though the objects we make are visually different.

I was so impressed with Bruce Cochrane's precision and well thought out making methods.  It was nice that his precise ways did not kill his pots.  His work really shows off his attention to details and remains warm and approachable.

I'm still a salt/soda potter at heart so of course I loved Lorna's pots.  If I go back to vapor glazing it will be with porcelain.  The wet look of the fired pot is so appealing to me.  I did resist licking any pots this year.

Sara Jaeger is very dedicated to function and she makes around 2000 pots a year. (give or take a hundred or so).  I have seen her work in books and magazines over the years so it was nice to get to see her make pots.  I got the feeling her life is completely dedicated to work and it shows in the finished pots.  I have no doubt that her pots function very well in the home and kitchen.

I didn't take as many pics as I would have liked, but to be honest it was nice to sit and be present as folks worked and talked.  I'll try to write a little more later today and also let you know what's coming up for me in the very near future.

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