The Giving Has Begun

My 40th Birthday is Thursday!  I'm not one to really celebrate birthdays too much, especially these big ones.  But I've decided to embrace it instead of getting all sour about it.

Just now a package arrived. Here is the label.  The Little Birdie and Royal Mail label was a dead giveaway.

It was from my pal Hannah!

Inside was....

a great little mug and a card with a print  from an etching that  Hannah recently made.  I'm so excited!!  Thank you Hannah!!!  Love them both!!

So if anyone wants to send anything else this way, feel free.  I'm open for pottery, candy, concert tickets, Warren Makenzie pots, tee shirts, socks, gift certificates to, cash, TastyKakes, beach house rentals paid in full, whatever. Ha! I'm just kidding of course, we'll save all that up for 50!!

Okay I'm off to make some tea in my fine new mug!!