Thinking about Selling Pt. 2

The show I signed up for got me thinking about this stuff again.  That and the fact that the checkbook was dying.  I thought, I need to sell some pots at this show.  What would sell? See now that's a sure sign of going down the wrong road and I recognized that.   But it did get me to thinking that my lowest priced item right now is a small flat bottomed bowl that retails for $22.  It's made from 1.25 lbs of clay and it's decorated.

I honestly don't think I want to  make anything that is a knick knack that would sell for less or be less work (with the drawing and glazing).  Why should I?  I hate that my mind even went there.  I can take my current line of work to this show and sell some pots.  Hopefully.  It may very well be that I don't.   But chasing the market has never really gotten me anywhere.  It's best to make what I want, what I'm excited about and to make that work the best I can.  Also to find the right places to sell that work.

I admit that this show is a last minute consideration to try to get out there and sell some pots when we are in need of some income.  Maybe I'm going against what I just wrote in the previous paragraph. Ah, it's tough right?  Still I can justify it by saying it's 10 minutes from home and the fee was $60.

Believe me I see that some of my reasoning in this post has gone haywire.

I did have another point to make along these lines but I think I'm gonna stop now and go out to work.  Thanks for reading.