Thinking about Selling

I signed up yesterday for a small art show that's happening in town in a couple weeks.  It's been awhile since I've participated in it.  I'm hoping to make a few bucks.  I woke up this morning to the sound of our check book thrashing wildly upon the counter.  I think it's because the checks we wrote to the government must have went through the bank, and the poor check book is having terrible withdrawals.

I was thinking just now about how in the past I'd make certain pots that were really likely to sell when I was hard up for money.  One such pot was a spoon jar with blue decoration.  Back in my early and mid salt glaze days I abhorred  blue. (It had to do with my Leach brainwashing).  So I'd make these 3 lb. cylinders with a flare out at the top.  I'd dip them 1/2 from the top in white slip and add a couple blue ovalish dots on opposing sides.  I'd make 8 or 10 and mark them at $18 and sell everyone.

This was as bad as I let myself get.  I certainly could have made a bunch of little blue jugs and sold them for $9.  That would have been easy money indeed.

If I've offended you because of this relationship I had with blue glaze or my snobbish attitude please know that that was quite a while ago.    My motto now is, "To each his own".   You can certainly see that I'm using blue glaze now (even pink).   And not for reasons of selling pots.  I'm doing so because I like it.

Right, so there is more to say about this but I do like to keep my posts short so you'll have to check in later for the next bit.