Hot Day. Cold Cider

It was hot today in the shop.

I don't think it was that hot though, this thing is at least 30 years old. But it was hot because the bisque shut off at 2pm.  I should fire it at night, but Karma sleeps in the studio and I don't want to roast her.

I did get some work done.

And I made a chicken

I ran into one of the beer distributor reps last week at the grocery.  I asked him if he could get some cider and he said his company stocked Magners.  So I ordered a case and it came today!!

Of course I had to have one when I got home.  Sure it was 11:30 am but I had to make sure it was good ya know?  It was!  And it reminded me of this time with my Sweet Wife when we were in London.

All right, so the tests should be out of the kiln tomorrow.  Looking forward to that. And  have some more small tests in the little kiln going right now.  They will have to be glazed and go in the big kiln, hopefully on Thursday.

Stay tuned.