Tests Pt. 1

These bisque pieces came out of the kiln today.  Now I'll glaze them to see what the final results will be.

This photo below shows 3 tiles, the uppermost and the one in the lower left have been incised and then colored with underglazes. The lower right has a black line drawing done with a brush and then colored in with underglazes.  I'm trying to use these underglazes like water colors.  If I put them on too thick then they fill in the incised lines which I don't like.

Similar things happening on this next one

Which do you like?  The black out line drawing done with a brush or the incised drawings?  Just curious.  I like both for different reasons.  I like the process of incising, it feels more like working with a pen, more physical.  It's also a precise line.  The line quality of the  black brush drawing is capable of more variety, which I like.  But I don't know if I can do those little socks and such with a brush.  The drawings would change a bit if I went to a brush as you can see in the next image.

This pear tile is all glazed. It was incised then the black was inlayed into the lines.  Then colored with glazes.  This is basically what I'm currently doing other than adding the black inlay.  What do you think about the black line vs. the brown line ? The slip is a little too thin in the background but if it were thickened up a bit in places it would be a nice effect.

And here are some oxides and stains on bisque scraps.  These will be glazed with my clear glaze.  I can tell some of these are too strongly applied and will be very metallic when fired.  This is another option for coloring, opposed to using glaze or underglaze.

I'm doing all this mainly to work out a way to get color on the animals that I draw.  I pretty much have the clothesline deco worked out with the little dabs of color glaze.  Honestly though I don't want to have more than one way of doing things so whatever I choose then I'll move everything in that direction. (I guess)  Or I'll just be stuck for a bit longer.

There are other solutions here, but that's for the next post.