Tests Fired

Remember awhile back when I said my new motto was "Keep doing what you're doing"?  Why didn't someone remind me of that yesterday?!  So here are the glaze fired tests.

I tried inlaying black in some of the line drawings.  When I go back to wipe away the excess most of the black comes out of the lines, not good, and I have to spend time wiping the residue off the background.  I don't really like the end result either. So that's out. Next time I mention "black lines" someone tell me not to bother.

I'm not really pleased with the underglaze color on any of those animals above either.  I do like the energy of that chicken.  The green and blue washes on the top tile are over glaze.  That seems to work okay and would be nicer over some sgraffito.

The next tile is okay.  I don't think I'm going with the brush drawing though.  There are several reasons.  First off I feel like I'm better with the incising.  I just need to keep at it and work on some different line qualities, maybe experiment with some new tools.  And, I have a lot of Ron Meyers' imagery stored in my brain and if I pick up a brush it's going be hard not to copy him.

This plate...oh, it's just horrible!! Ick. It looks like a cheap painting on a Chinet paper plate.

The oxide/stain tests gave me some good info.  They need to be applied like a thin wash.  The copper needs work and that MW stain was supposed to be blue. Maybe if it's super thin it would be.  I'll try it again.

For now I'm back to sgraffito through white slip on red clay with some overglaze color. Basically what I've been doing.  But maybe pushing it a bit further along.

These tests help me get some of the "What if " questions out of my head.  Which lets me move forward and not stay stuck in the question.  That's until new questions arise.