I Can't Think of a Good Title Right Now

Hey folks, Happy Friday!  I am all set to fly out of here in a few hours.  Just kicking back with a cup of tea and the cats for now.

What about that firestorm of comments on Sawdust and Dirt the other day!!??  Wow, talk about getting us riled up.  I do want to say that I did have a knee jerk reaction to the post and went straight to the jugular when talking about Spleth's work.  That was a very personal bias and I should have watched what words I used in the comment.  I didn't realize it until later, but using that sort of language is a sure sign to attract spammers to a site.  It was dis-respectful for me to do that on S&D.  I've already talked to MK about it and he's let me know there are no hard feelings.  I will be more aware of the words I use now in posts and in comments, both out of respect for the blogger and to avoid spam and also  to keep the whole atmosphere of the blogging site from being a trash pit.

I think talking about our day to day lives and processes in the studios is really a big part of what we all do.  It does keep us all up to date and in touch.  I love seeing and hearing about what everyone is doing.  This blogging community is very strong and a few bumps in the road are bound to arise now an again.

It would be fun to talk about some "deeper" issues now and again.  I have talked about pricing a bit in the past and I certainly think we could discuss the current state of American ceramics without bringing out our flame throwers (mine has been extinguished for now).  It's pretty difficult to get some points across in text though. Maybe that's why we have those little emotion-cons (or whatever they are called).

I'm reading Art and Fear again.  Anyone else read that?  It has some great topics that we could discuss.  Maybe we could have a little book club chat.  Let me know.

Okay, that's all for now.  Good thing I'm not superstitious about flying on Friday the 13th. :-)