Back from the Workshop

I had an absolutely fantastic time giving a weekend workshop for The Potter's Exchange group in Freemansburg, PA.

I demo'ed making my work from start throughout the drawing stage and we also did some idea generation/creativity exercises together.  I really enjoyed meeting all the participants.  Everyone took part in the exercises and shared, it was such a good group to be with for two days.

Pots drying in the sun.

Powdered doughnut display exercise.

Drawing on Tiles exercise.

This group is an excellent model of how we as potters/ceramic artists can get together to share ideas, learn from one another and host events. I want to share their 'mission statement' here:

"The Potter's Exchange" is a group of clay artists who meet on a regular basis to share clay related information, ideas, and experiences in the Lehigh Valley eastern PA.
We believe that each individual whether just starting out or professional has something unique to offer to the group. Therefore, we take turns being both teachers and students, and we are mutually supportive of one another. We also take turns hosting and organizing events which vary and focus on different aspects of clay making from outdoor pit and raku firings to glaze theory seminars and museum tours. In addition, we are able to cut costs for the individual potter by bulk ordering glaze materials, clay, books and tools.
Further, we seek to benefit from meeting with guest artists and by hosting workshops in the ceramic arts.

I'll share some more images and thoughts later, for now it's time to settle in to being home and get some clothes washed.  Thanks again to The Potter's Exchange for having me as their guest this past weekend.