Hey there folks.  I've been working this week to get pots decorated for the ClayMatters Fall Pottery Sale.  The bisque is cooling right now so tomorrow will be a glazing day.

I didn't implement any of the wax deco this go around.  I'm going to move into it slowly and see how I like it.  I worked out doors all day yesterday, dust to the wind instead of on the studio floor.

I packed up a few Etsy orders today and also the pots that are going to the 20 x 20 Invitational at the Arts Center in Clemson SC.


So not too much to say or go into.  I am doing well and the work is moving forward, hopefully.  It seems like things started piling up about 2 weeks ago and I knew I needed to get on the ball or fall behind.  I did miss a deadline for an exhibition this week.  I never did buy a calendar this year so I have myself to blame for not making a note of it.

These 5 cups are heading out tomorrow to the Charlie Cummings Gallery for the Cup:  The Intimate Object exhibition.

I'm wondering if I should sent that Laundry Line mug or choose another carved mug. Hum?  They are going to be sold individually so it's probably okay to send it. Maybe, I'll go see what else I have.

Okay well thanks for reading.  I'll try and drop in another post tomorrow.