Digging. Not for Clay.

Yesterday my dad and I spent 6 hours digging up a water line between the house and the studio.  Several thousand gallons of water had been leaking over the past week or so.  Most of it had drained down the hill at the  back of the house and I had not noticed it.  We were notified by the water company of the high volume of water going through the meter so that tipped us off.

I knew there were several places where connections had been made in the line over the past years and one in particular where I thought the leak could be.  It turned out we dug in 5 place before finally finding the leak.   It's never where you think it is.

Anyhow the area is a big mess now and I've got to put the dirt back and then the pavers.  Sarah's flower beds got dug up so they will have to be remulched and some plants replaced.

I was glad that I had gotten up early to glaze my pots and the get kiln loaded and going before all this digging started.  I should be unloading later today so check back for new pics of pottery.

I am glad we were able to find the leak and fix it.  It would have cost several hundred dollars to have a plumber come out and do that work.  My father can do just about anything and I have learned so much from him from the time I was a child.  I'm thankful to have such a good father and for all that he has taught me.

Okay, well check in later, hopefully some new pots will be here.  Happy Friday everyone.