Hey Ho

Ho Ho Ho.  One week till Christmas!!  Yay!  I guess, I mean it's a crazy time of year right? : shopping, eating, spending money, seeing family, avoiding family, decorating, cooking, drinking, drinking more to cope, over doing it, stressing out, passing out, worrying, being thankful, staying off the naughty list, traveling, taking photos, wrapping presents.   You know, all that and MORE.

 I have pots in the kiln tonight.  One last order of cups and a few dishes and gifts that will go out in the mail this week.  I don't think I've ever had pots going out this close to Christmas.  It used to be that after the first weekend in December I was pretty much finished for the year.    I'm happy to still be getting pots made and fired.  I may just stroll on through and keep working for the next few weeks before diving in mid-January.

Right, so what else?  I've not been really sure what I want to write about on here lately, so I've just been skipping it for the most part.  Hopefully all my readers haven't left me for the more exciting blogs.  Maybe I'm due for a change in 2012.  New content, not the same old boring pictures of pots in progress, me in my socks, and how to videos.  Any suggestions?   I need to poke the box a little here.  We'll see.  It could get weird.  That would probably be fun.

Okay, so no more for now.

PS.  Saw this artist perform on Austin City limits last night. Wow!