Pots. Socks. Whatever.

Hey Y'all.

Just bopping along here.  Making a few pots and shipping some out.


I got some new socks last week.  Italian no less.


And this next pair was given to me by Hannah.  Bought at Howies I believe.

I was in heaven when we wondered into the Tabio shop in London a few years ago.

 If they only shipped to the US!  Sadly my orange and yellow Tabio socks have seen their better days now.

Guess what? I'm up to my 199th sale on my Etsy site!! Yay! Hopefully I'll reach 200 by Christmas.  I've actually sold over 200 pots already from the site.  Sometimes folks don't like the whole online ordering thing so they call and order and I ship out the pots.  I'm pretty excited to have sold over 100 pots online this year.  I'd like to set a goal and double that in 2012.

Well thanks for taking time to check in.  I know it's not that exciting, but I wanted to get something up here before the blog shriveled up and blew away in the wind.