Studio Sale was Great!

The Studio Sale went very well this past weekend.  It was so great to see folks and catch up as well as to talk about pots.  Many pieces left the showroom and I hope they are being enjoyed in their new homes.

I'm always touched by those who come out to the studio and our home to get pots.   These folks sometimes drive for an hour or more to get here.  It's an honor to me that people put forth the time and effort to get here.  For me it's rewarding to get to talk to the people who are interested in handmade pots and to put out a selection of my very best work for them to choose from.

It's a relief to have the last big event of the year behind me now.  I still have special orders to fill over the next few weeks so I'm back in the studio today throwing.

I'm also stocking up the Online shop with some really nice pots.  I'll be adding 4 or 5 per day over the rest of the week.  I've had some orders already and I'll be packing those up today. (I have to scrounge up some bubble wrap somewhere).

Thanks again to everyone for their support, patronage, and encouragement.  I'm so thankful for all the friends I have that I see at shows and here at the studio, as well as those here on the interent.