Shipping and All that Junk

I hate to bring this topic up again, but it's just where I am today.  I finally made it out to the shop and decided I'd work on packing up pots to ship.  I had 3 Etsy orders which I knocked out pretty quickly.  Then I moved on to wrapping up 20 pots for a gallery.  It's a 50/50 split with the gallery (consignment) and I'm responsible for the shipping cost.  After getting about 3/4 of the way done I realized I wasn't going to get all 20 pots in the size box that I wanted to use.  Which then got me thinking about having all these pots going away from here and how I could put many of them up on the Etsy site.  I'm getting almost full retail by selling on Etsy and the customer is responsible for shipping costs.  Seems like a no brainer doesn't it?

I figured the 20 pieces I was going to send to the gallery would retail for $1040.00.  Of that, if they all sell, I'll get half, $520.  It's gonna cost me about $40 to ship it all, plus I guess I've used about $12-15 packing materials and a couple hours of my time.  It's not looking good is it?  I think I'd down to about $470 now.

I really like this gallery and I want to have some of my very best work in there.  So what I think I'm going to do is split it up and send them 10-12 pieces and put the rest up on Etsy next week.  I'll feel a bit better about that even though the shipping cost is going to be about the same and I've wasted some time by coming in here and writing this post when I could be packing.  I feel good too because my Etsy shop has been doing very well and I want that to continue.

Hopefully over the next few months I can think about all this and come up with some new ideas.  One thought is that I'll send the galleries my more complicated, expensive works.  I want to also really focus on promoting my online store and keeping good work up there.  I've signed up for more shows this year too.  It's going to be fun to see customers again, but I'm not looking forward to packing up the truck and doing all that setup and tear down.

Okay, well guess what? It's time for lunch! So I can procrastinate more before finishing that packing job.