I Changed My Mind...

Good grief. Three posts today and it's not even 5pm.  Can you tell I'm home alone??

So catch up if you've not read the last post then come back.

Back are ya?  Good.  So here's where I am now with this shipment of work.  I went back out there thinking I'd take 8 or 9 pieces out but then I didn't really feel like unwrapping it all after I'd done all that plus some of the pieces were wrapped together and that was going to be a pain.  Also I had already filled out my official Inventory sheet from the gallery and I couldn't just go through and strike stuff out and all that mess.  So I am sending it ALL.

There's more to it though.  First off, I got in this gallery last year and it's a really nice one.  They have their act together, pay on time, have all the paperwork, etc.  I'm really honored to be there.  Plus, there is a chance for me to have my work featured there at some point and they have mentioned me doing a workshop.  So that's good stuff !

I really don't want to consign and I've already told a smaller gallery 'no' this year.  But the nicer, established places will show my work and promote me, so I want them to have a nice selection to start off the year.

(I am going to raise my prices just a bit on each pot to help cover this shipping)

Monica asked in the comments of the last post if I'd talk about my packing/ shipping.  So I shot this video.


I use both the USPS and UPS for shipping.  For bigger packages, mostly anything over 14", I use UPS, esp. to the west coast b/c it's cheaper.  I did have to file a claim with UPS last year when something got broken.  I got a check in the mail from them a few weeks later.

Right, so really if any of you shipping/packing pros have any feedback/comments please leave them.

I promise that will be all for today.