British Slipware Potters Workshops

Hi folks. I want to take time to remind you all again that our friends Doug Fitch and Hannah McAndrew are coming to the States in April and will be giving a series of workshops.

The first will be in Cape Cod, Mass and you can get information by contacting Hollis Engley or The Cape Cod Potters.  Those dates are April 8-10

The next workshop will be in Fredericksburg, Va and you can find info on that by contacting Dan Finnegan.   April 15 - 17

The NC workshop will be hosted by me at the Cleveland County Arts Council on April 23rd.  For information and Registration you can click HERE or email me at ronpots2 at yahoo dot com

Jug by Doug Fitch

We hope you'll make it to one of these workshops.  Doug and Hannah both are looking forward to being here and I know they have a lot to share.

Candle Holders by Hannah McAndrew

Readers: Please help pass this info along by sending this post to those who may be interested.  Thanks!!