Fixed it!

Ha. Not really. Sometimes you see a not so good pot with good decoration or a good pot with bad decoration.  It's hard to get both.  I remember a person saying once that a wood firing can make a bad pot look good.  Nope. Not true.  In my case this was an opportunity to play for a  minute and not take things seriously.  Maybe I'll fire this pot and keep my brushes in it.

Thanks to everyone for thoughtful comments on the last post.  It is hard for beginning students to learn to let go or for them to see the benefits of learning to throw well.  Maybe the class is a one time thing for them, or maybe they just want to get a few pots made.  Not all students  have long term goals of becoming a proficient potter.  Some do have pretty high expectations though and that seems to get them in trouble.

I miss teaching on a regular basis.  I had a great group of students when I was at the studio in Charlotte.  I have taught week long classes a couple times at John C. Campbell Folk School in Brasstown NC.  Folks can learn so much in an intensive week long or two week long class.

I also do the occasional weekend demonstration type workshop.  Those are great. So Wadiefong if the studio you belong to wants to bring me to San Fran then I am raring to come!!!

I'm getting a late start to studio work this morning but I am hoping for a productive Monday.  I hope everyone has a great week!!