Happy Monday

I made a nice dinner tonight of roasted Brussels sprouts, pan fried corn and mac and cheese (Ruggles and Rankin baker).  Yum!!  Plates by yours truly.

I picked up the summer seasonal beer from Magic Hat at the grocery today. It's called Wacko and it's beet colored.  It doesn't taste like beets thank goodness.  I had to pour it in that wine glass so you could see the color.  It's tasty.

We have planted lettuces and chard in the garden.  Also some snow peas and spinach.  I can't wait to have some home grown food and for the local farmers market to open.

Speaking of local food, my pal Brad turned me on to this website today.  It's AMAZING, I've watched the episodes on rabbits and spear fishing and making hard cider.  Check out The Perennial Plate by clicking HERE.

I'll hopefully be sharing quite a bit of what's happening in Cleveland County in the upcoming months regarding local food, small farming, and of course eating all this wonderful goodness.

Oh and I made some nice runs of pots today. Yay Monday!!