Life is about Balance.

I've been up and down quite a bit over the past few weeks.  Putting on Hannah's dress was definitely one of the 'up' moments. Ha!

Things are good right now.  Thanks to everyone who commented on the last post and those who send me emails.

It helped to get back in the studio yesterday and make a few runs of pots and have another go at some larger pitchers/jugs.

I'll get the handles on these today.

I've been reading The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle.  I had read A New Earth a while back and it's good to get into his first book to see where some of the material was first presented.  Tolle's ideas jive up with my fondness of Zen/present moment teachings.  Being in the Now/Present is good practice for me.  Not allowing my thoughts to be in control or to get stuck in the past/future is helpful. It's hard for me to write about this, but the point is that I feel better when I am in the moment and not allowing my thoughts and emotions run my life.

Also, on a very happy note, I think I found a place to get totally cool socks!!  I checked the Ted Baker website last night and found all these.  I am totally digging the Sentos and a few of the others.

Sarah is encouraging me to get some sort of appropriate summer shoe.  I can't find any type of sandal that I like.  I used to have this great pair of Birkenstocks that were made for water.  They discontinued them b/c they were prone to tear at the straps.  Since then nothing has suited me.  I have some Chacos that I hate.

I did break down and buy some flip flops last week!  What was I thinking?  I almost wore them out in public yesterday but couldn't bring myself to do it.  They are strictly 'around the house' wear.

My perfect summer shoe would be blue in color, slip on, no back strap, nothing between my toes, water friendly, easy to rinse off with the hose, comfy, not a clog, and nothing some frat boy would be wearing.

Okay well, that's quite a range of things covered in this blog post.  See, that's what you get when I go AWOL for a week.