Big is

back and as bad as ever!

I made this big (ish) pot today. But it was heavy, heavy.  And not v. good form.  It was fun to make but not really worth keeping.

I also made some espresso cups today!  Those were fun...and small (pics tomorrow).

I had a very nice visit with Gail Turner from Cape Cod today.  She and her friend Lee came by this afternoon.  Gail was one of the folks who was instrumental in getting Hannah and Doug over for the workshops.  I was a bad blogger and didn't get any photos.  It was a pleasure to meet Gail in person finally and to get to know Lee, who lives in Durham, NC.

Quiche in the oven right now made w. local eggs, herbs and asparagus!  Yum.  Cheese too, but it's not local.

Thanks for all the fun comments about shoes and the dress and all that!!  Ha! Good times.