There will be no pictures in this post because I'm so ashamed of the pots I'm about to write about that I will not show them!

A week ago a customer called and asked me if I'd make her husband a certain shaped mug like one that they had bought several years ago from another potter.  Evidently they had bought a couple of these mugs and one of them was the husbands favorite.  He had recently broken it and she wanted to replace it.

So I said yes and for her to come by and see me.  When she got here she showed me the mug and I said sure I can do that.  It was a well made pot, not a shape that I'd ever make and it had a handle that I'd NEVER, EVER make, still I said okay.  Well she said that she thought she'd go ahead and order 4 from me.  No problem.  And since father's day is coming up could I do something special on the one for the husband? (They have 2 small children).  Sure I can.  Can you write Best Dad on it? Yes.  Wait, how about Best Daddy?  Okay, sure, what about the other 3?  Well I just want them white, inside and out.  Okay.

Okay we need a picture here, just to break up the monotony of this story.

Right. So I made them and I won't even stamp my name on them.  I really dislike the way they look and I hate the handles.

Why did I do this?  Well, mainly because I like her husband.  Why didn't I just say, "Hey, I think I can make one of my mugs that I think he'll like, it will have all the qualities of the other mugs."?  I guess it was easier to just say yes I'll do them like the old ones.  She's a bit intense and very chatty and I think my submissive part kicked in at some point while she was here.  Sarah even said that she was surprised that I agreed to make them.

So, lesson learned.  I'll be glad to get them out of the kiln and away from here, esp. the Best Daddy one.  It looks like something straight from the mall.  grrrrrrr.