Self worth

Sarah told me of an article she read about people who get their sense of self, or approval, or self worth from all their cyberspace interactions such at blogs, twitter, facebook etc. I wonder if my last post gave her cause to worry about me?  Ha.

So my friend Anne send me this picture of an old pot of mine that she found in an antique store in Asheboro, NC.

That's a pretty nice little jar.  I'm glad Anne got it.  I should have asked her what she paid for it.  I think back in the day I sold those for $28.  At one time they were probably even cheaper.

This is my new favorite dish that Anne and her husband Adam made.

Salt glazed porcelaineous stoneware with inlay deco.

I love the flashing around the wad marks on the face of the plate.

Check out Blue Hen Pottery for more about Adam and Anne.