No Comment

Back in the saddle here, getting some special orders all made today.  I feel like I haven't made a good run of pots in ages.

Next week I'm starting in on something brand new, sort of.  Just to keep things interesting and to take some risks.  You'll have to wait and see what that's all about.

I have noticed a decrease in comments here on the blog, but looking at my stats I see I still have boo-coos of visitors each day.  I remember early on when there were just a few pottery blogs that the comments were very much like a discussion board.  Now, with all the blogging going on it seems like we all leave fewer comments.   I read several blogs a day, or check in and I don't comment like I used to.  My Reader is pretty much overflowing with unread posts of others blogs.  I like commenting when I can but it's become hard to chime in to all the posts.  Anyhow, thanks to those who occasionally, or frequently, leave me a comment, and thanks also for those who are checking in when they can.