Back at it in 2012

My first day back at work was very good.

One problem...for all practical purposes I am out of clay.  I have about 3 lbs in a bag and one bucket of reclaim that is almost pug-able.

So that means a trip to the clay store very, very soon.

I usually feel really energized at the beginning of the year.  I certainly did today as I got back into the studio.  I felt very present and worked fairly slowly, kicking the treadle gently and imparting the clay with movement from my hands, the rib, and the momentum of the wheel.  It was good, I was 'there'.  I seem to lose a bit of that present moment-ness as the year goes on.  Deadlines, shows, whatever, get my mind crazy and I find myself speeding along with no thought or connection.  That happens in spurts so hopefully I can be aware of it and move away from it when necessary.

A thought I had today: Who holds you back?
Answer: Me.
How?: Playing it safe.  Doing the same things again and again. Not going big.  I don't mean big as in scale, I mean big as in 'blast off', 'pushing', 'rocking it', 'kicking ass'!, 'cutting loose'.

I didn't feel down as I thought of this.  It actually felt empowering.  Really there's nothing  holding me back but me, and that's something that I feel pretty good to know right now.  I don't know how much ass kicking I'll do from having this thought but it just felt good to have it and not go down into a spiral.

Right, okay, well maybe we'll talk more about all that another time.  For now, it's time for a beer and possibly a bit of  YouTube surfing (or trying to finish Pride and Prejudice which I started back before Christmas)