Slow Start on a Tuesday

I haven't gotten in a big hurry to get out into the studio this morning.  I did go out and flip all my dishes and turn the heat up.

Worked on some new scraping tools the other day.

The tips are made from saw blades.  I grind them down to the size and shape I need.  You can see one in the above photo below the double ended tool.

Here's a close up of  another.

Some of you may remember me talking about switching to a wax technique for my deco.  I'm not so sure that's going to happen anytime soon, or ever.  I like what I have going on right now, and I've been working outside when I do all the scraping so the dust is less of a problem.

While things are warming up I've been shooting a few pots for the Shop that I'll be adding today.

FetishGhost had this post up yesterday and I thought it was very good.  Click on through to see it and from there go to the original post on Austin Kleon's site.  Would be a good discussion topic.

All for now, I'd better get moving.