New Pots coming soon and Thanks

I am slowly getting the hang of using this new platform.  I still have some things to learn so be patient with me as I transition.

I unloaded the kiln yesterday and have some video to edit.  I'll get to that today (I hope).  First, there are mugs to be handled and pots to be decorated.  A busy Saturday ahead.

A big thanks to those who got my email and followed my insturctions on updating their blog rolls.  We all share traffic by linking together.  I had neglected the blog roll on my old site.  I am working on my Links page for this site and will be linking to many of my fellow potters and friends soon.

Here are the instructions I sent out for those of you who may still need them.


In your Blog Roll editor Remove me from your list.
Then click Add to List and then select Add by URL
Copy and Paste the following into the box

Click Add 

"Ron Philbeck Pottery"  should now show up in your List of Blogs.
Click Save

Check to see if my Blog has been updated on your website. 
All for now.  ~Ron