Updating? and New Video

Hey folks.  Hopefully this blog is now updating in those blogrolls who followed the insturctions I sent out.  Thanks to those who made that happen so quickly!

I unloaded the kiln on Thursday I think. ? This week has been busier than I expected.  I have had 24 mugs under plastic for days waiting for handles.  I had planned to work on them yesterday but I ended up sawing firewood for most of the day and was very worn out by 5pm and only wanted to sit down and have a rest.

Hopefully they haven't dried out too much to get handled today.

Well anyhow here is the video of the last pots.  I'm happy with them and I'm looking forward to the coming week ahead.  There's a bit of dodgy editing towards the end, but I had to cut out some rambling of mine.

BTW, I'll be updating the other videos on this site since the transfer as soon as I can.  

Please feel free to comment, I like to know you all are out there.  The Captcha for this blog seems to be a bit of pain for some.  I am looking at doing away with it, but I'm not sure if that would invite more spam comments.  You can always re-load the words by clicking on the arrows to the right of the Captcha box if you can't read the first ones.  

All for now.  Thanks for visiting.  ~Ron