Friday. One Pot Week.

It certainly hasn't been a productive week for me as far as getting any work made.  I made four jars on Wednesday and decided that only one of them made the cut.  So it's been a one pot week!  Ha. Not great on that front, but I did ship out several pots and tee shirts.  I also put up my pots at the Treasures of the Earth exhibit and sold some pots there at the opening.  So it's been a great week for sales!  Yay!

I feel like I measure my worth by number of pots made.  That is really not a good way to go about it and of course when I look at my time in the studio or in front of the computer or behind the camera it all adds up to quite a bit of work that I do for this business.  And all of that stuff has to be done.  It's not just about making the pots.  So I do feel good about this week.  I still have jars on the brain so today I'll give those another shot along with some mugs maybe.

Here's a jar I listed today in the Shop.

I also listed a Dropped Rim Bowl.  I have one of these at the Treasures show and I quite a few questions on it last night.

I like this next image with the apples too.


When you click on those images are the bigger ones loading fast enough for you or are they too big and slow?  I may have to resize the originals if they are.  Thanks for the feed back.

Have a good day.