Set Up at Treasures of the Earth

This is a bit shaky and quick.  I'll get some more footage tomorrow night at the opening.

It's been a hell of a morning.  I've been a bit anxious and irritable and then Karma decides she'll tear up one of my pottery books.  I had to just leave and get away from here for a bit so I went into town and bought a new door knob set for the front door of the studio.   The old one had worn out and when I turn it the door wouldn't unlatch.  It's been very frustrating all week.  Why do I let things like that get on my nerves when I can go out and get it fixed?  Instead I wait, and wait and cuss it for 3 or 4 days.  

Anyhow, I think I feel good enough to go make some pots now.  More later maybe.

Oh, the other thing that was pissing me off this morning was not being able to get my images to be clickable in these posts.  Grrrrrrrrrr...  I called my pal Tom Gray and he helped me out. Now I can do it.  


Thanks Tom!!!