A bit of a catch up

I've been trying to find time for a post the last couple days and it looks like it's now or never.  Well, now or tomorrow.  I don't know if now is good b/c I'm feeling flustered and aggrivated but I've started so here it goes.  (I'll try and not complain or go off about anything)

First. A video from yesterday.  Enjoy.  

Kyle Carpenter turned me on to Troy Bungart a while back.  Kyle had gotten Troy to make some ribs for him and I really liked them so I contacted Troy to see if he could make a bowl and plate rib to my specs.  I sent him the profiles and received these two beauties in the mail yesterday.  Troy has many interests, pottery and woodworking are just two.  You can read his blog HERE to learn more.

These ribs are quite a bit thicker and larger than most.  I was introduced to these type of ribs by Will Ruggles and Douglass Rankin.  I've had a bowl rib or two over the years but none this nice.  I had traced the profile of Will's plate rib (the lower image is the plate rib) years ago so it's nice to finally get one.  I'll be putting these to use in the next day or so.  I'll shoot a video when I do.  

I've gotten the wholesale order I received last week all thrown and slipped.  I hope to get some decorating started tomorrow.  This past week was pretty busy.  My foot is feeling much better thanks to the night splint, insoles and drugs.  I went to yoga twice last week.  I'm really trying to go at least twice.  It's good when I do.  I've also started keeping food journal and lifting some weights during the week.  I know I haven't talked about any of this, but I'm trying to take better care of myself.  We'll see how that goes and maybe I'll write more on that later.

Sarah and I started on our taxes today. That's enough said about that.

I went to see my therapist last week.  I didn't come home and want to spin around in my chair this time though.  We talked about some of my family issues, which come up for me often and which I have explored in various ways over the past 10 years or so.  Progress seems slow in this area of my brain/heart/soul.   Anyhow, it's good to look at it.

So that's all I've got for now.  I'm excited that I am getting to spend some time with my pottery pals Amy Sanders and Jen Mecca this evening.  We are going to have a 'pot on the spot' (critique) party w. pizza and booze.  

Well that's it. A bit of a hodge podge and maybe more than you wanted to know but it's good to get a post up and hopefully I'll get another up soon.  It seems folks are coming by to visit this new site.  I have been checking my stats.  Not too many commentors though.  Which is fine too.  Maybe it would be just as well to disable them.  I have sort of fallen out of leaving many comments for others as well.  

So, see ya next time.