The Sunday Post

Nothing like waking from a dream of relieving oneself of a full bladder to get me to jump out of bed this morning.  Thankfully there was no bedwetting accident.

I had a fun visit with Amy and Jen last night.  We each brought a few pots to discuss.  I got some good feedback on composition on my deco and how to incorporate elements onto certain forms.

Here's the lastest box I've made

This is really a Michael Simon pot shape.  Michael's Persian Jars are pretty iconic and I don't see me working this into my lineup.  Michael threw both the body and lid of his jars.  I've handbuilt the whole pot.  The lid was made from a very thick slab that I carved out.

I'll be holing up in my studio today to get started drawing on a group of pots.  I'm looking forward to it.  I'll try and get a video shot of the new ribs in action too.  It may be tomorrow before that gets uploaded so check back in.  Thanks!