Going on Monday

Hey, yay, it's Monday.  Well that's good I guess. Another day, another week ahead.  It snowed here a little yesterday.  First time this year.  It's sunny now, morning fog burning off.

I don't feel like I've done an 'early in the day' post in a while.  Heck, it seems like I used to blog morning, noon and night.  I miss putting things out here, but for the past year or so I've felt like I've said it all before and I worry that it's just boring or pics of pots in progress.  I'm sure I've picked up some new readers so hopefully what I do here is helpful or interesting to some.  Maybe I should just not even worry about that and just write like this blog is for me and let it go from there.  In a way that's how I am as a potter.  I make the pots I want to make and then I hope that someone else will like them enough to want to take them home and have a relationship with them.

Which is a good segue to these photos that my pal Bill in Georgia put up on his FB page today.

It was neat seeing this old salt glazed jar of mine.  It brought back some sweet memories of my early days with that kiln and the simple pots that I was making.   Bill says he keeps his keys and change in it.

Another salt glazed cup that he keeps in the bathroom.

It's neat to see these two spoonrests there on Bill's stovetop along with his vintage salt and pepper shakers.  

I didn't get too much work done yesterday like I had planned.  I started feeling a bit of a head cold coming on.  I did manage to get enough pots decorated to load and fire off a small bisque load.  I'm off to the studio now and I'll get a video shot and then hopefully get some glazing a decorating done.  

So more than likely you'll get an 'evening post' later today.  So come on back.  Have a good day everyone.