Sunny Saturday

It's cool out this morning but the sun is shining and the sky is beautiful and blue.  I have hope for spring coming early.

Karma has been chasing the robins out of the yard.  We must have quite the earthworm population as I have watched the robins pull them out and gobble them up.

Karma has the attention span of about 3 seconds, if that.  Chase birds, bark at neighbor on the road, take a break and chew on her bone.

Sarah is in Asheville for the weekend at a yoga training.  I got a nice full bisque kiln loaded yesterday.  It's an order for a gallery.  Tomorrow I'll get it all glazed and re-loaded.  I'm looking forward to getting some pots made on Monday.  I have some ideas for jars and I really need to stock up on cups.

I'd heading out now to saw some firewood.  Have a great weekend.