Door for my Wood Kiln

I don't have a wood kiln.  But I may some day and if I do it will probably be a bourry box design*.   If I do build that type of firebox I'll need a cool door and I just happened to find one this last week.

I can't tell ya where I 'found' it.  There was a whole stove but it was in pretty bad shape.  So bad that I was able to practically rip this part off with my bare hands!  (flexing muscles as I write that).  There were some little doors too and I may go back for them.  And there's another stove as well, in even worse shape but harder to get to.

Anyhow I think this would make for a cool firebox door.  I could pack the back with some fiber for added protection.  I like the built in thermometer, not that it'd be of any use.

I unloaded the kiln last night.  All these pots are going to a shop later in the week.

There were more and I've set most of them aside to go to Cape Cod.  I'll be getting in one more firing before Michael Kline and I head north .

Off to assemble some boxes and to handle cups.  Thanks for checking in.



*the other option would be an updraft bottle kiln, but that's another post.