Small Runs

Hey.  Wow, I'm glad I had a good day today.  I've been a bit of a grump so far this week but I made sure that when I woke up this morning I smiled and said, New day, don't be a grump.  

Michael Kline and I talked awhile back about working on small groups of pots at a time.  I think Michael blogged about it.  I'll check for a link on his site*.

That idea about small groups goes back, for me anyway (and MK too I think) to a model that Michael Simon practiced in his studio.

So I've been at it for a couple weeks now and I am enjoying it.  For instance, on Monday I threw 12 pots.  Four cups, a jar, two knob-and-alls, 3 serving bowls, and I made two slab jars.  So that's 12.  Yesterday, Tuesday, I finished those pots and got them all slipped.  

Working in small groups gives me time to enjoy each pot and give it some attention.  I dread putting handles on more than 8 cups in a day.   I have more consideration of the pots while I am making them.  With 4 cups I can throw them slowly and really putting some feeling into each one.  There's certainly something to be said about making large runs of pots and getting in a groove.  I know plenty of potters who do that.  For me, right now working with a small kiln and doing a great deal of decorating, I feel the need to go slow and steady.  I don't really think 'slow' is the right word but what I mean is that I do not feel like I want to be cranking out pots and trying to play catch up, keeping them under plastic as I struggle for days to finish them.

Today I threw 11 pots but one was a teapot so I'm counting it as two.  I started drawing on the small square slab box too.  I'm really hoping it makes it through the kiln w. no cracks.

I made some super size yunomi last week. 

I'm heading to the NC Potter's Conference this weekend.  It's going to be a good time.  I always like seeing all my clay pals and learning something new from the demonstrators.  

Okay, I think that's all I've got for now.  

* Here's the link to Kline's post.  Clickity Click